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PSL Fall AlertingPSL FallAlerter overcomes the current twin problems of Patient Safety and overworked Carers having to manage their hectic schedules. Patients (Elderly Residents) often object to wearing a pendant alarm, or simply forget to do so. Carers no longer have to remain in close contact with their Patients, as the home environment and normal pattern of behaviour are being closely monitored. PSL FallAlerter is the result of an extensive programme of research and development of a family of systems, designed to support the current need for independent living, as an ageing population is prevalent throughout the developed world. This family of systems is continuing to expand and includes Medication Management, Cardiac Monitoring, Infection Control, Community Fitness and Patient Hydration, all subject to constant advice from Senior Medical Practitioners and professional experts in Healthcare Technology.

PSL Fall Alerting
PSL FallAlerter is low-cost, highly-reliable and easy to install, being based on well-established technology that has been proven in harsh environments, such as Defence. Alert messages are sent directly to a carer's mobile or to a landline phone, enabling carers to take respite breaks away from home. Being a passive system, it gives much greater safety, since it does not depend on any button press from the user. It also enables a text message to be sent to a concerned relative with the last time that activity was detected. This does not require any intrusive phone calls, and only the relative receives the text message.

PSL FallAlerter helps to manage the problem of more than 10 million people in the UK being over 65 years old, and this demographic problem is increasing, due to constant improvements in Medical Science. Many people are concerned about their elderly relatives frequently living long distances away. Most elderly people would prefer to remain safely in their own homes for as long as possible, surrounded by every person and possession they are familiar with. Therefore any systems that enable them to remain at home are a cost-effective investment, as all care-homes and hospitals are expensive to run.

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Healthcare Technology Company, working closely with the NHS and Private Healthcare Sectors, in a number of areas of critical importance: Fall Alerting, Infection Control, Cardiac and Medication Monitoring, Patient Hydration

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