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PSL is a Healthcare Technology, Applied Electronics and Systems Engineering Company, working closely with the NHS and private healthcare sectors in a number of areas of critical importance: Fall Alerting, Infection Control, Cardiac Monitoring, Medication Monitoring and Patient Hydration etc. The current UK problem of an ageing population and restricted budgets means that new technology needs to be applied wherever possible: to enable hospital admissions to be reduced, more elderly people to remain in their own homes and with a much higher degree of self-care across the population. Compliance to agreed healthcare standards is essential, together with call-centre access, intelligent monitoring and maximum contribution towards the design of “intelligent homes”.

The company is Science and Engineering-based and R&D and Marketing are in progress on both sides of the Atlantic, as PSL works closely with Associates in California, Australia and New Zealand. Installations of PSL technology have been made as pilot schemes in UK and across the USA. UK Government grants have been received for R&D, working with leading UK Universities and their Teaching Hospitals.

The mission of the company is to use the latest technology to save lives and protect citizens-at-risk, especially the elderly, disabled, and war-wounded. PSL members and associates have operational experience in the Armed Forces and close liaison is maintained with healthcare services within the Defence establishment.

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Healthcare Technology Company, working closely with the NHS and Private Healthcare Sectors, in a number of areas of critical importance: Fall Alerting, Infection Control, Cardiac and Medication Monitoring, Patient Hydration

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